This morning I was pleased to see that someone had left the Pioneer Press sports page in the stall so I had something to read during my morning constitutional. I glanced over the twelve pages of bemoaning the vikings ass whipping and other football news and then found an article about Latrell Sprewell’s contract problems with the Wolves. Without going into the details of the disagreement (I can never keep this contact negotiation crap straight) I’ll just tell you that he’s making 14.6 million dollars this year and is looking for a long term contract. He’s a great player, but he’s thirty-four years old and injury prone. But never mind that, what really got to me was that he made some statement to the effect that he “had a family to feed.” Geez, Spree….out of touch with reality are we?

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  1. The perfect chance for me to push the Ted Kennedy FICA Reform Plan: Shouldn’t he and the Wolves be kicking in 7.51% of the 14.51 million bucks not currently being taxed so you and I could get a break?

    One of the problems in America today is that the national media is so well paid that they don’t have a clue either…

  2. Amazing when the uber entitled try to sing da blues, ain’t it?  Like Ken Lay’s wife Linda, bemoaning the fact that they had to sell of some of the houses to cover their legal fees.

    Cry me a river, baby.

  3. Or Eddie Robinson of the Bulls. Was an injury-prone lazy sack of sh*&, the Bulls released him officially today and paid $10 million or so to do it.

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