The Third Annual Red Eye Open

Red Eye Open '05 - 17 I’m on vacation!

This year the Lutheran’s With Attitude skipped out on the church fishing trip. Things were getting a little wierd. But the Red Eye, now that’s another matter. The LWA has decided to spin off to a new location for our annual spiritual gathering. TC, one of the original LWAs (we met at a men’s fishing trip) has a converted barn on the Crow Wing River, up north as we say. Right across from the National Guard camp. Last year I thing the constant artillary fire spooked the fish. It’s ok though, we’re not all that serious about the fishing.Red Eye Open '05 - 13

Red Eye Open '05 - 5Actually, just Lon and I fish. The others golf and then we meet up for poker in the evening. This year Lon and I have decided we’re going for catfish. Which means we’ll take the pontoon to a likely spot, put on some stink bait, throw the lines over and get out the guitars. Now this particular river flows into the Mississippi and we all know where that goes. I guess we’re hoping to use that connection to channel some southern soul.  But then I’ve always maintained that Minnesotans are just rednecks with different accents. Red Eye Open '05 - 4 Besides, both Lon and I have the Scotch-Irish backgrounds and that’s one of the cultures the music came from. Worked it’s way east to the river, met up with the blues in Memphis and the rest is Rock and Roll.

I’m breaking tradition this year. I’m bringing and electric guitar. I have a bit of an urge to show off for these guys and I really need an electric to play my best stuff. My playing has come on so much stronger over the last year. I think it really helped me to start learning country, I was kind of bogged down in the blues for so long. Getting my fingers to dance to the major scale patterns really seemed to open things up for me. I know my way around the majors better than the minor scale that the blues use. Thats after only about a year of playing in that vernacular as opposed to 35 of the other. Anyway my boat has drifted closer to Nashville than Memphis these days.

Know any catfish recipes?

4 thoughts on “The Third Annual Red Eye Open

  1. hmmm, catfish recipes? I don’t know that I do……

    I have not hear that song. Got it on mp3?


  2. I treat catfish like I treat any other kind of meat. By that I mean that I throw the slab on the stove and throw in every possible spice and sauce that I can find in the house (including cinammon and soy sauce) and cook it until it seems done :~)

    Then again, I’m the only one that has ever eaten my meals.

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