Silence of the readers

There are three people and a cat in our fairly small house. The humans are all awake on a rainy gloomy day. The house is silent. My wife and daughter are engrossed in their books and I’m working away at sorting out images for my new portfolio. Every hour or so a riff gets in my head and I pick up the guitar briefly to mess around with it. I sometimes, purely by random chance, even find the notes.

2 thoughts on “Silence of the readers

  1. Oh, you find the notes alright.

    You can’t fool me.

    ryc: well, my son begins weekly counseling this week. So far, the weekend has been good. Just now though, he went from taking a cat nap in his bedroom to growling like a wild cat and slamming out the front door.

    I’m off to recover him.

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