It’s the little things.

It’s Shannon Schoenrock slipping a pick. The biggest girl from the Iowa team came out to the free throw line to set a pick. Shoney (that’s what the fans call her, I think Rocky would be better) was gaurding lightning quick Crystal Smith on the left side of the key. Crystal took off, her mission was to beat Shannon to her team mates far hip, leaving the defender stuck like a carp at a bridge abuttment, and either going to the hoop herself or if Podominek left the picker to stop her, just dishing to the big girl, who was, as the game is played, rolling to the hoop unguarded. I didn’t think Shannon had a chance, she had no angle, she had to get around the big girl and the attacker had a straight line. She made an incredible lateral stride, leap in fact, that got her through, momentarily sandwiched between a much taller person and the bonie shoulder of another in her sternum. But letting an opponent get the ball in the paint is a sin in the eyes of High Priestess Pam.

It’s coach Borton pulling Jamie Broback from the game after she made two steals and rumbled the length of the court for layups. She’s a six-three maybe two-twenty power forward who can play guard. The first time she was alone with two defenders back and a full head of steam. by the time she hit the top of the key, you knew she decided that there was no way these girls would take a charge from her. They would have gone flying off the end of the Barn’s sadistically elevated court. They tried. She went between them, scattering them like tenpins. She hit the layup and got the spare.

The next time down the court she makes another steal another coast to coast drive that culminated in a missed shot and a foul. Borton yanks her. Later in the game she makes the same steal, picking a pass off in the backcourt. Pam sits her down immediately. Now, conventional wisdom says you ride the hot hand, keep her in the game, she’s on the verge of taking over. So, why? Doubted her conditioning? Seen her too many times loose control and pick up bad fouls when she’s on a run like that? Pam Borton does nothing without a reason.

April Calhoun gave up a scholarship to leave Iowa, Where she started every game at point guard two years ago. People speculate about why, boyfriend, the opportunity to go to the Carlson School of Business (she’s a top student) the opportunity to play in her hometown and at Williams. I think part of it was that there was talk of her losing minutes to Crystal Smith. I think there’s not a lot of love lost there. Maybe they’re best friends, but certainly there’s an on court rivalry. April has moved to the off guard position but often plays point when Shannon is resting. In the second half Borton sat Shannon for a longer period than usual and rotated the red head to the point. The game was already pretty much in hand and I think Pam just wanted to give those two the chance to go head to head. And that they did. April moved the ball down the floor against heavy pressure from Smith by taking the ball behind her back three times in six dribbles. It was a great show, you could just see how fierce they were.

There’s more of course, but I’m sure no one is reading by now. So Adios!

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  1. hey, i read it all . . . and understood it.  of course, that doesn’t surprise you . . .

    i think the tale from here this past week is never underestimate the power of a healthy seasoned point guard. 

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