Minnesota humor

I heard a good Minnesota joke yesteday. But you might have to be from here to get it.
Many of our towns and lakes have Indian names, like Wayzata (why-zetta) Minnihaha, Winnibigoshish, Pokekegema and Shakopee (Shock-o-pee).

Shakopee is an old Indian word for “electric fence.”

3 thoughts on “Minnesota humor

  1. As long as you don’t have a Pokemon I’m ok with the weird named. We have a Meteetsee after all.

  2. There’s a town in Arkansas named Blue Balls.

    I just read some of your previous posts–been away a while–and sympathize with your “senility” issues. When I was younger I always thought that kinda stuff would never happen to me, BUT, of course it has.

  3. ryc: Deliverance? Not sure what you mean…

    I’ve heard some of Lucinda’s stuff and liked it. It’s one of those people you hear, like and tell yourself you should buy that but then forget.

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