Kung Fu Hustle

Last night I watched Kung Fu Hustle. I loved it! The whole thing had this wonderful aura of fun about it. Even though it was extremely violent. You could just feel how much fun the actors were having playing the wonderful cast of characters. Great effects, beautiful photography and art direction. Nods to more films than I caught and just pure fun. And somewhat of a storyline.

It was in Chinese with subtitles, but the story is so visually played that you wouldn’t really need to read the Subtitles to be thoroughly entertained.

3 thoughts on “Kung Fu Hustle

  1. seriously? You know people who can kill and maim?


    No, the perpetrator (spelling? I feel like I’m a writer for CSI) was only 15. An ass yes, but, to have him killed. I’d go to hell, I’m sure of it.

  2. absolutely great movie…

    my friend wouldn’t shut up about it for a few months after it came out, so i decided to humor him and see it…

    then i wouldn’t shut up about it…

  3. Hmm, good to know. I was wondering if this was worth seeing. I’ll give it a shot now, thanks. 

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