Just a Pawn in Their Game

I can’t milk the foot for anymore time off, I’m going back to work today. It’s going to be rough, I’ll have some major catching up to do and there will be lots of distractions, like fending off all of the women who are driven to irrational acts of lust brought on by the incredible sexual attractiveness of my surgical boot. Plus I’m sure my boss will be regaling us with tales of India.


I think I’ve mentioned here before that I play chess on the internet. I play on a server called Caissa’s Web, a very cool chess community based in Texas. I’m not very good, but I enjoy it a lot and I feel like it’s doing crunches for  the mind. I’m the third longest active member of  the club, one of the first things I did when I got a computer was use it to teach myself chess. I play mostly correspondence games, which means I log in, make my moves and then check back later to see what my opponent has done. I usually have about a dozen games going at once and check them daily. I logged in this morning and started going through my games when I realized I’d made several really dumb moves yesterday. Like losing pieces I didn’t have to lose and miscalculating the result of a combination of moves that I set in action. That’s what I get for playing on pain killers.

One thought on “Just a Pawn in Their Game

  1. Milking the foot just does not sound right. I’ve heard of toe jam but not foot milk.

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