It’s a conspiracy I tell you….a damn conspiracy!

It’s a little known fact that car manufacturers the world over have entered into collusion with the banking industry in an effort to keep the world’s population in debt. Chips have been installed or retrofitted into all automobiles, directly connecting them to your bank account so that as soon as you’re feeling a little flush, bang, something vital to the car’s functioning goes kaput. Last week, just when I thought I was getting a little ahead of the financial eight ball, Quinn’s car started acting like it had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Nothing a new Alternator and $400 couldn’t cure. Bah humbug.

And then of course there’s the magical malfunction, thrown in just to embarrass you, add insult to injury. When she got the car back, the heater fan wouldn’t work. A problem when the temperature is hovering around zero. After checking the fuses, I called the mechanic and said that I thought maybe they disconnected something in the process of re-alternation. I drove the car over without the benefit of heat and they took it in for a look, five minutes later John, the mechanic, came back to tell me that the fan was working just fine. He did a good job of hiding it, but I could sense his contempt, his pity for the crazy office monkey that couldn’t figure out how to get a heater fan to work.

One thought on “It’s a conspiracy I tell you….a damn conspiracy!

  1. planned obsolescence… pffffhwatttt.

    I’m planning on squeezing my current vehicle until it screams in metal fatigued anguish before I break down (literally I suppose) and buy a replacement.  actually we’ve agreed that Anne gets to pick next vehicle and I inherit her y2k Passat (woo hoo!  it’s a snazzy luxe runner)

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