Sex-aware era waxes

Went to Intolerable Cruelty last night. I loved it. A romantic COMEDY. Farce is probably a better word. Do not see this movie if you don’t have a tolerence for cornball humor. I’m a big Coen Brothers fan. After all I grew up in Moorhead, which is the sister city of Fargo. Marge…know her. St. Louis Park High School produced the Coens and Al Franken. Someone last night was listing other notables from there, but my memory is toast and I’m way to lazy to research it. I’m not much of a fan of George Clooney as a serious actor, but I think he’s a great comic actor. His portrayal of a shallow, vain, divorce lawyer is hilarious. If you like cornball satire and slapsick humor, this three stooges meets Pat and Mike is a must see. Plus Catherine Zita-Jones is fun to look at. I’m told the same thing’s true of George.
The whole family went to church this morning. They walked behind me on the way to the garage. I was working on this post. It brought this Rockwell painting to mind. One of my favorites of his.

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  1. Love that print! SO funny, that’s like my Dad growing up. Now it’s me, while the rest of the family goes to church without my hubby and I. LOL

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