I’m looking out my window watching a fox just outside the fence. She’s stalking something.. Boom just pounced. It’s a beautiful little one, all bushy tailed and thick coated. Not the mangy ones you see sometimes. She just trotted away. I love foxes. Four years ago our area had a bad problem with rabbits. I’d have a half dozen in my yard methodically destroying my garden. And then the foxes moved in. You see them all over now. And you rarely see a rabbit. I love foxes.

Speaking of fox trots, I danced my ass off last night. My wife’s company had their Winter Solstice Party. It was held in the old Milwaukee Road Depot in downtown Minneapolis. Just a beautiful turn of the century Renaissance Revival building that was closed in ’71 and sat empty until a couple of years ago. They’ve restored it and put an ice rink where the trains used to come in. Great place for a party.

Rebecca has worked a Martin/Williams Advertising for 28 years. Longer than anyone. Steve Collins, the retiring president was giving the traditional toast before the dinner, toasting the fifteen people who’d been there more than twenty years, saying that he’d been there longer than almost anyone, anyone except for one woman….”the Grande Dame of the agency.” I about fell out of my chair. That’s going to be good for so much teasing. She wouldn’t even stand up and acknowledge the toast. The thing is I’m sure that the hordes of youngsters that work there were shocked. They must think she started when she was five. She really looked hot last night. A glittery top with tight black pants…the woman has an amazing ass for fifty. And her skin, her amazing skin….which is like velvet, completely void of wrinkles. She was almost forty when she stopped getting carded in bars.

Now I’ve been kind of a curmudgeon at these things in the past, I sometimes have a hard time being around a lot of drinking people, but last night I overcame my natural grumpiness and had a great time. One thing that contributed to my fun was the fact that you will rarely run into such a concentration of truly beautiful women. If you like tall blondes, you might just have a heart attack. Tall blondes that weren’t afraid to wear heels. Don’t think I’ve ever had to look up to make eye contact with that many women in one room before. And it wasn’t just tall blondes either. There were women who could have passed for Tinkerbell and pretty much everything in between.

OK, OK I’m an incredibly shallow sexist pig. I’ll cop to that.

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  1. I wonder what her secret is? I work my ass off for nice skin and I suppose in many ways I have it but I can’t boast no wrinkles. I’ve certainly got some of those. Hey, but I’m 5’9 barefoot. And blonde, you shallow, sexist pig, how’s about a roll in the mud sty?

    forgive me Father for I have flirted.

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