Ah, Youth

There’s been a lot of talk around here about how our culture is goiing to hell in a handbasket, and there’s probably some truth to it. But there’s some evidence that the next generation isn’t completely hosed. Here are links to a couple of amazingly talented young denisons of Xangaland.

kiwiichigo A poet who will take you for a metaphorical roller coaster ride and dazzle with her insight. This girl is still in High School.

NDM A photographer in LA with an incredible eye and a deep understanding of light. If you start reading the F bomb post, remember, it’s a quote from 25th Hour before your liberal sensibilities get too jangled.

As long as I’m promoting here’s another one of my favs. Qwindin just turned thirty, which is certainly young to me, but disqualifies him from being evidence for my original point (there’s a point? you say.) (I really love parentheticals)(can you have quotes inside parens?) Anyway, his keen observations of life are priceless. One of my favorites is the barbershop story from February 22. Same day I didn’t get my ear hairs trimmed.

I figure someone will make the point that even the culturally hosed generations produce great artists, often in reaction to the desolation of the environment. I subscribe to the theory that any given moment in time looks like the first minute of the apocalypse.

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  1. hey… thanks for including me in the list… don’t know if I actually deserve to be inclduded or even should be labeled a photographer… but I am flattered

  2. I actually don’t think our youth is as bad the media portrays them to be… i guess covering great youths of our generations isn’t so appealing….

  3. There’s a whole weird psychology that transpires between every American generation. I think it’s the result of living in a nation essentially re-made in terms of employment, technology, and communications every 20 years. You can find every “new” generation since at least the Civil War actively slandered by mass media, social scientists, and novelists alike.

    But these are great links. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the links. I love finding new talented writers here.   

    Re: your comment, I was utterly horrified the first time M, who is by no means an Indian, used his hands to eat. It was moroccan food, but I felt he was qualified and entitled to do so, since his great paternal grandparents  were moroccans. It took me a long time to try that myself, though, but when I did, it just felt so right that I regretted all the years of knives and forks and napkins and elbows off the table, young lady !  Still, I only use my hands for indian food, mainly due to the naan bread, that simply calls to be rolled up and filled. You can’t do that with a knive and fork, my dear. It doesn’t taste the same.

    There. Now you know. P.S How is that book ? I am so stuck with Marquez now. I can’t seem to fall into it, so I’m reading three more books simultaneously. I’m sure that if I persist I shall get hooked, but it just hadn’t happened yet.

  5. I think every generation thinks that the up-and-coming generation is somehow ruining everything or whatever.  Or just not appreciating certain things as well as they should.  In some cases, I suppose it’s true, but I often think it’s just a reaction to losing control of the culture’s direction.

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