That’s my dear departed mother on the left. Dame Etta. She had a great sense of humor and would probably laugh at this, but if either of my sibs see this I might be in trouble.

I am Oliver, I am the Anti-Christ.

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  1. ditto.  Your Dame Etta looks like a she would have been lots of fun — she’s got that certain “look” about her.  Dame Edna, on the other hand…

  2. bahahahhaha

    oh ahahhahahaha.

    i read this three hours ago and just now got enough control of myself to come and comment.

    hbahhaa.  dame etta kicks ass.

  3. I wish you all could spend a day with my Mom and her two sisters. Etta, Wayno, and Beatty, cripes they were funny. As my Dad would say, “Yeah, you’re a real commedian, you oughta be on Ed Solomon.” He was Irish so I don’t know why he couldn’t get Sullivan.
    No foolishness went unscathed or pomposity unmocked and the stories just kept coming. Like how their late sister Lenora was working downtown for Volstad, writing the Prohibition act and their Dad was making beer in the basement. In fact that’s how my parents met. Come for the beer stay for the wife.

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