Dogs. Y’gotta love ’em. We went out for a walk with my niece’s husband and their little, rambuctious puppy. There was another dog on the trail that stopped to lift it’s leg and the pup just ran right in for a drink. They do stuff like that and then they want to lick your face!

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  1. Well this is the first time I guess I’m old enough to know of the older bands that are getting back together with other older bands.  Is that the first sign of aging???  Damn.


  2. The thing I never quite get is how dogs become connissieurs of the finest foods.  They go and roll in their favorite dishes.  Our Brittany spaniel found a two week dead turtle and rolled in it.  The stench.  I still gag thinking of it today.  How is it that creatures with such sensitive noses can bathe themselves in stench and not mind?   How ?  

  3. Ha Ha!

    My daughter gets so upset if I say:  stupid dog.  Referring to a dog that turns so quickly it smacks its face on the edge of the door, chases its tail for minutes upon minutes upon minutes.  And, drinks another pup’s urine.  🙂



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