It’s not too bad today, but it’s supposed to get hellishly cold (oxymoron?) later this week. Like ICBM’s of Cold War nightmares, a Siberian cold front has come over the pole and is headed right for us. Thursday’s high is predicted as 0. That’s F. Come Thursday when exposed skin freezes almost instantly and your breath ices up on your lower lips, your eyeballs start to hurt because they’re starting to freeze, you will see many men walking around without hats. Probably, I’ll be one of them. I have a black felt Bavarian mountaineers hat that I picked up in Germany. It’s very warm. I had it on as I was walking out the door this morning. My wife snickered, “Tell me your not really wearing that.”

“I am.”

“Well, goodbye, Geekboy.”

I took it off. I’m a slave to fashion.

Understand me, I’m no Randy Moss apologist. But you should know this. It’s a tradition amung those ever so classy Packer fans to moon the opposing team bus as it’s pulling away from Lambeau after the game. So tit for tat I say. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

And you have to love the fact that he burned their best pass defender with his ankle so badly sprained I could have probably out run him.

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  1. best packer pass defender is an oxymoron, right?  i want to know why moss gets his chops busted but favre — who made stupid mistakes left and right and LAUGHED about them — remains deified.  i like favre but he needs to take some lumps.

  2. What sportsgoddess said. Moss is a helluva WR, but he’s also a helluva dope. And isn’t hellishly cold Minnesota an oxymoron? I hear that there’s lots of lakes there too.

  3. As football-watching is second only to giving myself a root canal with a rusty butter knife in my own personal Horror Hall of Fame, I will have to comment on the fashion portion of your text. And by “comment”, I mean ask you a question: did you pick up a pair of lederhosen to go with the hat? Please say yes. Please. I’d enjoy the thought of you cavorting around work in lederhosen so.

  4. oom pah pah… oom pah pah…

    cold like that don’t mess around

    As a lapsed Bear fan, I should be doing a happy dance at the Pack’s expense, but, eh, meh.

  5. Dude, go with the hat.  I have some fuzzie, faux-fur hats I wear all the time when it gets cold.  I think hats are due for a big comeback, and when that happens we’ll be seen as being awfully fashion-forward.  So be bold, not cold!

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