I’ve never lived in a placed that required a water softener. Well maybe a couple of summers when my parents moved across the Red River to West Fargo. Moorhead, the town I grew up in (I know everybody loves Moorhead) had an artesian well that pulled pure, great tasting water from the limestone below the valley. Minneapolis, where my little burb buys it’s water, gets it from the Mississippi River. I know that doesn’t sound too good, but remember we’re upstream. Not much industrial crap gets in before it get here. Probably plenty of ag chemicals though. Anyway they run it through whatever processing they run it through and it comes out tasting pretty good and doesn’t need to be softened.

When I was a kid I couldn’t drink the water in Fargo. And my wife’s hometown…gross, you can’t even make coffee with it. I don’t know where the water at work comes from but it tastes like iodine. I’ve been trying to drink more water and less coffee at work but it’s tough to choke that crap down. A couple of days ago one of the women in the office pointed out a source of filtered water. Much better.

Wow, that was interesting. I never rode a school bus to school either.

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  1. never a water softener (though I should have in Lansing), never a school bus (a 10 square mile district with 12 elementaries and city buses after that).

  2. water here is full of limestone.  you can practically chisel it as it comes out of the faucet.  i don’t mind the taste of it though.  i can’t drink water in ohio though.  that stuff is flat out disgusting.  same with new jersey.  when i was a kid and we’d go to our cousins for a week, my parents would fill several jugs with our water so i’d have something to drink, but my relatives loved the spring water from the farm, and they’d drink up all the water within a day.  this was before bottled water, so i’d have to spend the rest of the week drinking soda or milk because the water made me sick. 

    i got to walk to school for all of two years even though there was an elementary and middle school three blocks from my house.  for elementary school, i was sent to another school 5 miles out of town.  high school was 20 miles away.

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