More Naked Truth

Remember when I said that the key to social media marketing was to post teasers with the word “naked” in them? I had exceptionally high number of hits when I used this technique. But the next day when I put out teasers for the post that offered that hypothesis and used the words “secret to social media marketing, the naked truth,” I even got a bigger turnout. So the real secret is to offer to divulge a secret about how to achieve social media success so you can work naked.

And while you’re here have a look at my latest Image a Day post. I think it’s a keeper.

7 thoughts on “More Naked Truth

  1. the hat’s a nice touch; it’s always more exciting to leave a little something to the imagination, after all.

  2. Well, I have heard it said that if one is successful, one can choose to work naked. But if one constantly fails, one will be forced to work naked. You self-deprecating humor is a fresh air in today’s stifling atmosphere, and I would have taken my hat off to it, if it would not leave me with nothing else.

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