Change in the weather

wetswing After an incredible run of spectacular late summer and fall weather, my first day of retirement is remarkably dreary. It’s 5 pm and it looks like 10. I hope this isn’t an omen.

So how’s retirement so far? Well it’s wet. It’s been raining almost all day. I did demonstrate to Becky that there were benefits to having a retired spouse. I drove her the one block to the bus stop so she could stay dry while she waited for her bus. I think I might be winning her over to the idea, and I haven’t even done any laundry or cooked any fabulous meals yet. The meals thing is going to have to wait because she’s in the middle of a three day run of going out with her various women friends. To this I usually say, “I wish I had friends,” but that doesn’t work because I had lunch with my buds Steve and Lon today and tonight I’m meeting Mike for dinner and tomorrow, lunch with a musical buddy and former coworker who’s also gone off to entreprenuerate*. Ah the social round.

I did achieve one of my goals today. I got to be one of those guys that sits in coffee shops and surfs the net. Although that almost didn’t happen. The wi-fi was down at the coffee place and I couldn’t get on. I didn’t say anything because I thought I was just being the clueless old guy. Turns out the other three people were similarly unwilling to expose their ignorance.

But the real story of this trip to the coffee shop started yesterday morning as I headed into work. I stopped by for my daily dose of dark roast and ran into the woman who I assumed, correctly, was the manager. “You won’t be seeing much of me anymore, this is my last day at work.” She looked concerned before I reassured her I was retiring.

“Come work for us!” I told her that I had thought of doing just that and we chatted about the possibility, and off I went to my last day of corporate lackeydom*. This morning when when I came in she asked me right away if I was serious, I said yes and she asked for my name because she “wants to hire me.” Interesting. Even though I’ve been haunting the place in the mornings since it opened, I’ve never spoken anymore than a few words to her. So why so anxious to hire me? Senior citizens are more steady and reliable than 20 somethings? She noticed my friendly demeanor in the morning? I do make eye contact and smile with the people behind the counter. Did someone from the office mention that I was their boss and a good guy? Thanks if that’s the case. Just my natural charm coming through? Maybe she thinks I’m hot. Let’s go with that.

So, short lived retirement. A good thing though. I know that I have to bring in some dough and although I’d like to do it all with my creative endeavors, I know that might take awhile. This is a good thing. I’m not counting my chickens though, you had to apply online and there was an excruciatingly long list of psychological questions which will probably identify me as the psychotic that I am. They asked if I swear when I argue. I strongly disagreed with that statement, dammit.

*It’s my blog, I get to make up words if I want to.

3 thoughts on “Change in the weather

  1. Like you said. It’s your blog. You can go with “hot” too.
    Still, quite an accomplishment to walk out of one job and immediately into another these days.

  2. Chin up Robert. They’ll call in the morning.
    The photo proves I haul too many flies around.

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