I bought a really little digital camera so I could carry it with me everywhere. You never know when a great shot will come up. So did I have it with me this morning as we were driving down the freeway and saw a mini-van completely covered in artificial turf so it looked like a motorized roll of sod going down the road? No.

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  1. dude, it’s your birthday!  i’ll bet you knew that.  the point is, i didn’t.  fuck. 

    hope it was happy.  is there room for one moorhead crack?  i think yes.  hope you get some.

  2. Well, in that case, happy birthday!
    Too bad about the sod van — I’ve seen a sod car on TV, and there was this car that used to have a bunch of plastic army men glued to it that I used to see driving down the street where I used to live. 

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