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Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. I had a couple of ideas for expanding on the ideas in the last post, but as usual, I didn’t write them down and I forgot them. Anyway, it’s not my intention to make this into a forum for the exploration of my nuerosis. As dear to my heart as they are.

Yesterday was the kind of day that makes you want to toss your meds away. It’s tough to be depressed when the sky is blue and it’s 65 degrees and you’ve got the day off work. We started the day slowly, I was blogging away and Beck was reading the paper and knocking off the crossword, and doing some remote business at the agency. Then we spent a short time working in the garden, pulling mulch off the beds of spring bulbs. I planted about 150 bulbs, maybe more last fall. I had a map going to remind me what I put in, but I didn’t finish it and I can’t find it anyway. I’ll know which ones the tulips are anyway. Then we walked to the local Caribou, which is on the far corner of the cemetary, taking the long way around and cutting diagonally through the wild part. It’s taken thirty years for them to fill up half of the land they have, I hope they don’t give in to pressure from the city to develope the wild half. It’s a nice chunk of tall grass prairie in the middle of suburban sprawl. We came home and made a Pizza on one of those “Boboli” crusts (I call them bobolooies) watched the NYPD we’d recorded while we were at the game and then headed for the Mall of America to shop and people watch while we waited for the girl’s plane to get in. I could live like that.

Have I ever told you how much I love my wife? I am so friggin’ lucky that fate brought us together and that she was somehow attracted to a loser like me and that she had the Norwegian stubborness to not give up on me when I was in the deepest of my craziness. She is beautiful and eternally youthful. She’s a great mother and a steadying influence on me. Although I chafe at her caretaking instincts, she’s saved my ass a million times with her, “have you got the (tickets, keys, money, papers, passports, gas.) When I lose stuff she generally knows where it is of finds it for me. She has been a huge help in my maintaining my sobriety and has always encouraged and supported my in my artistic endeavors. And she’s physically tough (small but from a family of wrestlers) and mentally tough in the Norwegian tradition. She is an affectionate stoic. A great companion and soulmate. God bless her.

For those who asked for a link to a larger image of the illustration below.

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  1. I’m sure she is blessed to have you and you are blessed to have her… I wish I can say the smae thing when one day I get married… by the way… 65 degreees? thats cold for cali weather…

  2. i hope you tell beck what you’ve told us. it would make her heart sing. and she deserves to know.

    and i love how the mall of america is next door to the airport. handy for long layovers.

  3. I hope you realize you must offer her plenty as well, or she probably would have run away. So, um..  I was going to try and say a nice thing but that’s really not like me.

  4. So, what’s the Mall of America really like?  I saw a show about it on TLC, about how they keep everything running smoothly, the amusement park, the ladybugs and the trees.
    The one and only time I was in the twin cities was back in 1989.  In winter.  BRRRRR!  ’nuff said.
    I went to college with a Norwegian wrestler from Minnesota way back when…
    Your wife sounds amazing, and you’re pretty swell yourself.  It’s always nice when you can find someone you “click” with and with whom you can be yourself, and they’re still there in the morning. (even years later)

  5. thanks, those are all excellent editing ideas. Hey, check out Uncomfirmed site. Do you think this is real? He told me on my site he was. I don’t know where is he is, but I’m already drugged and losing it and worried. Thoughts?

  6. That is a pretty neat idea about making a map of the garden when you plant things…too bad ya can’t find it. 

    It’s very sweet of you to shout of your love for your wife to the whole world (or at least to those of us who are nosy enough to read about your life); I can only hope to be so lucky someday to have such a relationship. 

  7. thanks again for the input, the author creeping in is something I’m learning to fight better by using the third person more aggressively after doing a whole first person book. (which required different attention to the same issue)

    and thanks for at least for checking out that other site. I never know what to do with cyber threats like that, it’s too close to home and it panics me.

  8. Gradually, we’re losing the last bit of wild land around here that exists.  I like to visit what remains when I can.  And you know, your description of Beck reminds me a great deal of my own wife, with the exception of that “maintaining my sobriety” part.  But she really is the half I need to help me survive.

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