I just finished the Franklin biography. Listening to it that is. If you’re bothered by doubts about the value of your contribution to society avoid this. Ben ran away at seventeen, made his fortune as a printer and publisher, retired at forty one to dabble in the sciences and went on to play a pivotal role in our independence and the forming of the republic. He invented the lightning rod and bifocals as well as a myriad other inventions, none of whch he patented, because he felt it was his duty to improve society. He pretty much created the US Postal Service as well. I was kind of disappointed to learn that all that stuff about his sexual exploits isn’t true. Or at least there was no hard evidence of it.

You may remember me lamenting not having my camera when we saw the turfmobile. Well:

The old farts went rockin’ and rollin’ last night. Yup, we went out for dinner with two other couples and hit a local bar where Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers were playing. A great R&B outfit with horns and a terrific rythem section. Mick sounds like the guy from Blood Sweat and Tears. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten out on the dance floor, but I can still do a mean funky chicken. They were way too loud though….now Beck and I are going to be evern more deaf. Eh? What’s that?

Somewhere in the course of the night I lost my car keys. Fortunately Beck had hers. Last week I locked the keys in the car. I left my jacket at tennis on Thursday, with my camera in the pocket. Tomorrow I go in for an ADD evaluation. How do you think I’ll do?

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  1. well, an ADD entry but that’s how I love it, Franklin (well, no evidence it isn’t true,), Turfmobiles (then my car wouldn’t look rusty), lost keys and stuff (I go through those weeks/months). Happy Sunday!

  2. Are you serious about the ADD evaluation. I’m convinced ADD was made up by the pharmaceutical industry to sell more drugs. Loss of memory can be a good thing some days.

  3. Ch-ch-ch-Chia!

    Chia van… what will they think of next.

    I put Ben right up there with Leonardo DaVinci.   Talk about multi-faceted.

  4. If you have ADD then I have ADD. SO..  er, don’t have it. Or something. Go Gophers!

  5. Even standing in your grave you can have a good time.

    Did you urinate in a storm drain?

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