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  1. I’ve often declared that certain Squirrels must die.  That’s right, the S is capitalized.  Because my team at school is called the Flaming Squirrels, see.  Some Squirrels must die.

  2. Bloodmeal scattered around the plants keeps the squirrels away fairly effectively, or so I have found.

  3. We’ve been trying fox piss. But I’ve had my eye on a nice air rifle with a laser dot site. There aren’t lots of squirrels around because we have a pretty healthy contingent of foxes, owls and hawks patrolling the ‘hood. In fact there used to be two, but I think the other one was lunch. I found a ball fo fur in the yard and a partial skeleton in the bird bath.

  4. Texie caught your squirrel on camera, and she’s protecting it. Lets go snap her ass with towels until she gives it up.

  5. go Bill Murray a’la Caddyshack on the little varmint.

    The “deep thoughts” font on your declaration of springtime is da’bomb.

    Squirrels are also mental when near a road.  What’s up with that suicidal road jig they do? 

  6. Squirrels are evil incarnate, in a cute fuzzy costume.  You didn’t say that the Cemetery was for squirrels.  Who cares they make great fertilizer for the cemetery.

    At my folk’s house we caught 40 squirrels in 1 year between trapping and that lovely little air rifle!

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