I understand your flustration, Sir.

angrybobThe weather has gone from gorgeous to dark, windy, cold and foreboding. I was having a petty manic day, couldn’t stop smiling over the fact that I’m taking the career leap and won’t have to show up at cubeville after Wednesday. I attributed my high energy level to that but maybe it was just a sugar rush. I came home, the house was cold, I was feeling sneezy and suddenly bone tired, the hypochondriac in me concluded I was coming down with sHw1iNn1e flu. I decided that the thing to do would be contemplate the insides of my eyelids for awhile. The couch beckoned. I was just drifting off when Rebecca came downstairs with her laptop and some questions.
So you might understand why I was feeling a twinge of crabbiness. First question was an easy one, can we survive on the Blockbuster 2 movie plan as opposed to our current 3 movie plan. No brainer! After all we have to cut back now that I’m retired unemployed between jobs exploring entrepreneurial opportunities. The next one is the kind of question I hate the most. “What’s this $12.83 charge on the credit card for “Credit Defense?”
I knew exactly what it was. Wells Fargo calls me about once a week to try to sell me dumb ass enhancements to my accounts and this is one of the faves. I NEVER sign up for it. But apparently some asshole decided to make their quota by signing me up anyway. Now I my ass was really chapped.
Let’s gauge my crabbiness with the scale they use to gauge pain, in this case 1 being feeling mildly upset but not having any violent thoughts, 8 being a genuine childish tantrum, with fist pounding, swearing and punishing inanimate objects and 10 being a full blown violent rage which may or may not doing bodily harm to oneself or others.
So I called Wells Fargo customer service and just to set the tone for the call I immediately accused them of fraudulent activity. When I described the situation the nice woman on the other end of the phone informed me that Well Fargo did not actually handle Credit Defense, but it was the function of a third party, I needed to call the number next to the charge on your statement. Crabbiness Level (CL) 4. So I dialed up the 800 number and was greeted by someone who sounded like they were from the Red Neck, Texas. CL5. I turned on the charm and accused him of engaging in fraudulent behavior. He informed me that they didn’t have anything to do with signing people up they just got the info from Wells Fargo. CL7. Rapidly progressing to CL8. I popped a bolt. I was dropping the effenheimer and whatever other curse came into my head on this poor man, and I wasn’t exactly being the soft spoken about it. It was an out of body experience. But he did an excellent job of customer service jujitsu and calmed me down to the point where I was at least not foaming at the mouth and could arrange for the service to be canceled with refund.

I sheepishly apologized. He graciously said that he hadn’t taken it personally and he could certainly understand my flustration.

Not my finest moment. And I thought the meds where actually working.

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