I’m taking a day off from work today. I can’t sleep in anyway.
I just saw a fox trot by out in the cemetery. I haven’t seen one for awhile so this is good. Death to rabbits.
Last night I thought Q was going to do serious physical harm to her sister. Or to the basement door.
This weekend I saw ten blue jays sitting in the same tree. I thought they were solitary birds.
It was so windy yesterday that I saw a pair of crows flying backwards. It looked like they were doing it for fun.
I have three hundred pages to read by my book group meeting on Wednesday.
A pair of squirrels is playing tag in the yard. I’m guessing there’s going to be some rodent sex going on soon.
I saw Eyes Wide Shut this weekend. I swear it’s a remake of a Ron Jeremy flick. Without the close ups.

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  1. Rache’s mom doesn’t need Ron Jeremy when she’s got me, right?  There was a review of EWS in Harper’s a few years ago.  It shed light on a film that was apparently just loaded with symbolism.  Way to go, Stanley Kubrick.

  2. Man, you have more critters running around there than Wyoming has people. Ya lucky bastid.

  3. I can’t believe that, TEN blue jays in one tree…that’s NUTS!  And I can only remember seeing ONE fox my entire lifetime.  Guess I’ve been living in the wrong parts of the world for that sorta thing.  Isn’t much wildlife in Oklahoma right now anyway. 

    Something about interior design doesn’t really strike my fancy, btw.  Just can’t get into that.  I did enjoy parts of architecture, but I don’t think it was that part, I think it was the drawing part.  Especially when I’d be drawing pictures of the professors for the rest of the students…. 

    In any case, I wanted to know: what is your job, specifically?  There seems to be an abundance of artists stuck in xanga’s web, and I want to see what kind you are. 


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